Profile Racing Elite 36H Hub Set 3/8" Axles Red

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- High Quality Sealed Hub Bearings. Less Resistance= More Speed

- 68 Step Ratchet Ring and 6 Pawls for 204 points of instant engagement and no dead spots

- New Driver Labyrinth Seal

- Optional Aluminum and Elite CrMo Cogs for weight savings

- Aluminum or optional Titanium UltraDriver with oversized bearings for additional smoothness

- Heat Treated Knurled CrMo insets on Cone Spacers to hold hub in place better

- Matching Anodized Cone Spacers and Volcano Bolt Head Covers

- Standard 3/8 axle bolts come with anodized Volcano Bolt Head Covers. Optional 17mm Hex Head bolts with 8mm keyway available

- Laser Etched Logos

- Cog sold separately

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